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Technical data center trainings

Technical data center trainingsWhether it is about servers, storage, networking, cloud or general data center architectures, we deliver professional trainings tailored to meet the most demanding needs of your organization. Our state-of-the-art demo center together with the unique Devilabs WARP remote connection technology will enforce learned theory skills.

Devilabs has delivered various technical data center trainings for a number of enterprise customers all over UK&Ireland, Scandinavia and Baltics.

CASE: Hewlett Packard Enterprise trainings

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global provider of data center technologies. Devilabs and HPE Education Services have had numerous joint ventures, one example: HP OneView trainings.

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Goal: Deliver two HP OneView trainings; one in Vilnius, Lithuania and one in Espoo, Finland.

Provide the audience understanding and knowledge to use OneView efficiently and sufficient information to pass the official certification exam.

Implementation: Both 2-day trainings were delivered in local HPE Education Services premises as face-to-face instructor led trainings for maximum user experience. HP OneView demo environments were installed in Devilabs Finland demo center and Devilabs WARP was leveraged to remotely access the lab environments for all hands-on exercises.

Results: Participants got foundational understanding about data center management with HP OneView and customer feedback from both of the courses was exceptional.

CASE: Nokia data center trainings

Nokia is a multinational communications and information technology company. Devilabs provided Nokia two trainings on HP data center technologies, one of which remotely to India.

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Goal: Provide Nokia specialist teams in Tampere, Finland and Bangalore, India better technical understanding on selected data center solutions to be leveraged in every day work.

Implementation: Topics included all essential data center hardware components: servers, storage devices and networking solutions. Devilabs designed the training with emphasis on theory modules that were enforced with live demonstrations using Devilabs WARP remote connection technology.

The 1-day training was delivered twice in two different formats: a class room training in Tampere and a remote training from Finland to Bangalore during Indian business hours.

Result: Participants gained significantly better overall technical understanding of their data center solutions. After course feedback was outstanding.

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Enterprise IT solution sales trainings

IT solution sales trainingsIT solution sales is highly demanding: you need to understand customer needs from various aspects, know vendor portfolios and link the two together. Devilabs has a solid reputation of designing and delivering IT solution sales trainings with measurable business benefits.

Our sales trainings always receive top-notch evaluations for a reason — they are no ordinary trainings but based on our proven pedagogical methods: less slides & BS, more whiteboards & proof.

CASE: Solution sales training programme

Devilabs delivered a demanding IT solution sales training programme for the whole sales force of the biggest enterprise IT reseller in Finland.

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Goal: Boost customers solution sales to the next level.

Implementation: Devilabs implemented this highly demanding and ambitious programme by carefully getting aquainted with customers product and service portfolio, identifying and solving the sales painpoints, piloting the training modules with the steering group and finally delivering the programme as intensive multi-part trainings.

Results: Customers sales personnel gained streamlined sales tools and completely new approaches to solution sales. Initial one-time project turned into long term, on-going sparring co-operation.

CASE: Customer data center trainings

Devilabs designed and delivered multiple HP data center technology trainings for the second biggest consumer electronics reseller in Finland.

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Goal: Customer wanted take their corporate sales personnel competence to the next level and meet official requirements by HP.

Implementation: Devilabs designed and delivered three intensive solution sales training sessions and three technical HP server and storage training modules for carefully selected audience.

Result: Customers corporate sales personnel gained significantly better IT solution sales skills and product knowledge which lead to increased sales. Participants passed all required HP certification exams, through which customer gained higher HP partner status.

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