Located in Turku, we are the only authorized Pearson Vue exam center in Southwest Finland.
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Why certify?

Knowledge that we teach and hands-on experience that we provide are the most important virtues but official certifications prove that knowledge and experience.

Certified personnel offers your company a competitive edge by being more creditable on the market. Vice versa, adding IT certifications to your personal resume makes you more valuable by proving your knowhow.

We can help you become certified for Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, HP, VMware, Linux and about 100 other vendors. Unlike most Pearson Vue test centers, we are open every business day.

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How to get there?

We are located at Leaf Center, Kärsämäentie 35, 20360 Turku, Finland in a yellow low-rise building.

NOTE! If you arrive by car we have 3 parking slots (marked with Devilabs signs) behind the building. It is forbidden to park in the front of the building! You can find more parking slots from the nearby Leaf Arena parking yard which is located just 100 meters from our office.

As for public transportation, we recommend taking a bus. In Turku bus schedule fill the following information into the Journey Planner:
From: [ source address ]
To: Kärsämäentie 35


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