16 Feb 2016

How to nail down a Full-Stack Developer position at Devilabs?

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Devilabs CTO: “So, you call yourself a full-stack developer, huh?”

You: “First of all, let me use this opportunity and tell you how intelligent and charismatic person you appear to me.”

Devilabs CTO: “Well, thank you, thank you…”

You: “Now, as a full-stack developer I eat Python and Linux cereals for breakfast, I flush them down with some Django, Nginx, Python server containers (uWSGI/Gunicorn), PostgreSQL, HAProxy and jQuery experience.”

Devilabs CTO: “Whoa! It almost sounds like someone from Devilabs wrote these lines. I would be thrilled if you also knew some of…”

You: “…HTML, CSS, Django REST framework, WordPress development, Vagrant, Gulp/Grunt, Docker containers, Java, Icinga and AWS? Yes, I do.”

Devilabs CTO: “OK, who have you been talking to?”

You: “Hahaha, I can see that you are also a SUPER funny guy. But seriously, this stuff is just natural to me, it’s what I love to do.”

Devilabs CTO: “OK, what if there’s something you DON’T know already?”

You: “Easy peasy. In that case I learn it quick. You see, once you know the concepts and master enough technologies, it is easy to adapt to new tools.”

Devilabs CTO: “Spot-on! So, any questions for me?”

You: “You know…I bought a main frame server (just for fun) and I still have some loan left…”

Devilabs CTO: “No problem, we’ll be happy to cover your back with a competitive salary.”

You: “Awesome! Also, sometimes I might get carried away with coding some Python stuff until 02 and…”

Devilabs CTO: “Say no more! We care about the job getting done, not you sitting at your station in Turku (Finland) office. If you feel more productive coding from your couch sometimes, you do that!”

You: “Very cool! One more thing. I checked your website at http://devilabs.com but could you specify what would my role be exactly?”

Devilabs CTO: “Proud to! We have developed an innovative remote connection technology, Devilabs WARP, that can be used to connect from anywhere to anything that Internet can reach. Based on that unique tech and our recognized IT training background we are now developing an eLearning portal for global markets. Sales starts from the UK and Scandinavia/Baltics area. You would be responsible for the overall development of that platform.”

You: “WOW, sounds very interesting, but…”

Devilabs CTO: “Don’t worry! A lot has been done already, everything is well documented and there is always help closeby. You will hit the ground running!”

You: “It seems like Devilabs is the most awesome company I have ever heard of! Where do I sign?”

Devilabs CTO: “Hold your horses! Still one final and decisive question: which one is your favourite Star Trek captain, Kirk or Picard?”

You: “Uhura.”

Devilabs CTO: “When can you start?”

We are hiring! Send your application NOW!

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Co-Founder/CxO of Devilabs and a bulletproof Geek. Certified HPE data center instructor with experience from hundreds of trainings and consultation. Markus shares his own experiences, opinions and visions about everything geeky from business point of view.

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